Sunday, February 27, 2011

this past week

so far this week has been ok. i got to leave school during the beginning of the day on Friday for a doctors apt. for my knee. P.S. my knee reeaalllyyyy hurts!!!!!!!!!!! so anyways i am going to get an MRI on Tuesday so that they can figure out if it is a patella dislocation or an ACL tear. i really hope that it is not an ACL tear because then i will have to get surgery to fix it. i have never had surgery before and i really don't want to have have one!!!! so either way i am going to have to have alot of physical therapy to help me be able to walk without the brace on my leg to hold my knee cap somewhat in place. without the knee brace on it is really hard to walk and it is reaaalllyyyyy painful!!!!!!!!!!!!! so thank goodness i have the brace!! idk what i would do without it!! i would probably be taking sooooo much Advil that it would not be good!! :/ either way i hope it gets better soon and i don't have to have surgery. i really don't mind having to have alot of physical therapy because in the end i will be able to walk like i normally do and i will hopefully be able to get back to doing ti kwon do like i had been doing. i might not be able to do all of the spins and everything for a while but at least i might be able to do some of it again. i really hope that i will be able to gain most of the strength back in my leg because right this moment i don't really have very much strength in my leg. for example on Friday i had to go to the doctors so that they could examine my knee to see if they could figure out what it was. i had to have an x-ray again. i had to lay on my stomach and have my legs bend up. i put up my good leg and then she helped me put up my other leg and when she let go of the other leg and walked away it kind of just fell back down. so she had to hold up my leg for the x-ray because i didn't have any strength or control in my leg to be able to hold it up. it was really sad but oh well.

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