Friday, March 4, 2011

this week

this week has been pretty good. in English we are doing a thing where we each have to get a book and read it. the cool part about it is that we get to pick the book that we want to read. i have got my book already. i cant think of the title of the book right this second but i cant wait to get started reading it. when we are done reading our book we are going to end up doing a project on our book that we read. so i am sure that it will be tons of fun.

also this week i found out two days ago from today what happened to my knee cap. the doctor even said that it was worse than he thought it would be. he said on the report that he sent to the nurse that i really banged up my knee pretty bad. my mom told me that they said that i tore my ACL and my Miniscus in my knee. this means that i am going to have to have surgery to repair my knee. i really was hoping that i would not have to have surgery to fix my knee. i have never had surgery or stitches before in my life and really didn't want to have either one. right now i have to do two weeks of physical therapy daily. they want me to be able to bend my knee to a 90 degree angle before surgery.; i am not sure if that will give me more mobility or shorten my recovery time after i have surgery. so idk. after my two weeks of physical therapy i will probably have surgery. if all goes well in the surgery i should be able to go home after a little while of resting. if they have a hard tie waking me up or something i might have to stay the night at the hospital. i really do not want to have to stay the night at the hospital at all!!!!!!


  1. The thing i like right now is i got to chose the book and not be forced to read a bad story but other wise ita fine right now

  2. yea. i hate being forces to read a book that i dont want to read because then i dont end up reading the book because i didnt like it.