Thursday, October 28, 2010

this week

this week has been pretty good i guess. we did a lot of reading in our book. the book has been pretty good! i actually did like the book. i wasn't sure that i would at the beginning but it got more interesting so i started to get interested. it was very interesting at about half way through to the end. i really liked having the book read out loud during class!! it was easier for me to be able to picture in my head what was happening. it was harder for me when i had to read it on my own. i got distracted a lot when i had to read it on my own. i could not focus on what was going on. when u read it out loud i was able to picture it and follow along. i could also picture what they might look like and how their voices might sound like when they talk. i really enjoyed reading it. right now we are watching the movie for the book. it is very fascinating to me. there are parts in the movie that were not in the book and parts from the book the were not in the movie. over all it was a lot of fun!