Wednesday, February 9, 2011

this week

this week has been pretty good. we have been reading a fantasy story. we finished the story today. i thought that the story was really good. i really liked it. we had to take a small test after we finished reading the story which wasn't that bad i guess. i knew all of the answers except one. but i still think that i did really good on it. i wonder if we are going to be reading another fantasy story since we finished this one. i hope that we do because they are very interesting to read. they keep you on the edge of your set and you are always wanting to know what will happen next. over all i really liked reading that story and i hope that we read another story that is like that or at least in the same gene.


  1. What did you think of the second Fantasy story we read? It was really different from Wall Around the World...

  2. i thought that the second one was ok. i still liked the first story better though. yea it was different from the first story and i thought that it was ok.

  3. i think that the fantasy storys that we had been reading was very good. the first story that we read in class was my favorite out off all of them. the other stories were ok. i didnt really like them as much as i liked the first story. oh well. i guess that is just how life goes some times. not all story`s are all going to be the same. oh well. i probably would have ended up having to read the story sooner or later so i might as well read it now i guess.