Friday, October 5, 2012

Section 1- Moshi the Beadle

Moshi The Beadle was a man who had been taken with a group of people to a far away place by train. Him and the other people were starving for days at a time. He watched people dieing day by day. Everyday he saw people getting shot, and killed, and beaten to death by soldiers. He was also beaten by the soldiers. One day managed to slip out of the place without being seen. Amazingly he was still alive. He made it too a town of people that lived a little ways away from where he had been. He told anyone in the town who would listen to him, about all of the pain and suffering that he had endured. He was trying to warn the people that the same thing would end up happening to them, but no one would believe any of the things that he said. The people thought that he was crazy and had lost his mind. Then one day they were all taken from their homes and moved to a place far away from their homes by train.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Vocab Paragraph

The girl sitting next to me kept scrutinizing her food before she would eat it. It was like she thought that the food would jeopardize her health. The only thing that i didn`t like about the food, was that the milk was tepid. I was very averse about drinking the milk. I stayed sitting in my seat, and did my best to be as amicable as possible.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

english writing experiences

I had a lot of fun writing a short story. It is nice to remember past memories that make you happy. I thought it was cool that i was able to take one of my memories and write about it. Getting my ears pierced was a great experience for me.

Friday, August 31, 2012

idea for short story

I decided to write my short story about the time I got my ears pierced. It was a very exciting thing for me because I had been wanting to get them pierced for a long time. I was in 5th grade when i got my ears pierced.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

this past week

my novel that i had read was called "brink of death". it was a mystery book. i thought that it was a really good book, and i would defenitily recommend it to anyone who likes to read mystery books.

 i know that once i started reading the book i could not put it down because i was always wanting to know what would happen next in the story. i would read the book every chance that i got. i am sure some people might have thouht that i was weird for always wanting to read my book but i dont care, because it was a really good book. it really grabbed my attention during the whole story. i loved it!!

also i had surgery yesterday. i was able to go home after my surgery because they put a block on my leg so i wasnt able to feel my leg at all for a while. it was VERY painful though when i was starting to regain the feeling in my leg and foot!!!!!!!!! it really hurt alot!!!!!!! i wish they had just let me stay the night at the hospital so i wouldnt have had to be in so much pain at home. it was miserable. the pain killers helped me though. i dont know what i would do without them!! they are a life saver!!! who ever invented pain killers is my hero right now!!! not even kidding! lol.

right now i am really wishing that time would go faster because my leg really hurts and i cant have any more pain killers until 9:30. ;(( why does time have to go so slowely whenever you need it to go faster, and whenever you want it to go slower it goes faster. i really dont get it. oh well.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

this past week

this past week has been pretty good. we did some things to help us prepare for the writing and reading OGT`s. for the reading one we just had to read some stories and answer some questions for them. some of the questions had an extended response answer. they were not that hard though. i got alot of them right. for the writing test we looked at example responses of what people had put down for questions. they were answers from the previous OGT`s. some of the responses didn't even make any sense. some of them made a little sense but still needed more info in it.

also we have been reading our book that we all got to pick out. my book is called "Brink of Death". it was a really good book!!!!!! i finished reading it yesterday. it was a mystery book. i love to read mysteries because they are so interesting and they really grab my attention. i was reading my book alot!! it was so good that i was like always reading it!!! i couldn't put it down because i was always wanting to keep reading to see what would happen next in the story. if you like to read mystery books then i would really recommend that you read this book. i can guarantee you that once you start reading it and get into it you wont want to put the book down. you will always be wanting to know what happens next in the story.

also i found out what day i am going to be having surgery for my knee. it is going to be on the 22nd of this month. my doctor wanted to put me in surgery this past Thursday because of how severe my injury was. i wasn't able to do that though because i have OGT`s all this week and i had to go to choir competition on Saturday. i had to be able to stand on the risers with the choir to sing and do the sight reading. i would have missed the sight reading and a lot or almost all of my OGT`s if i had had surgery this past Thursday. 

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