Thursday, February 24, 2011

this week

this week has been pretty good. we had two days of school off this week. Monday was presidents day, and then Tuesday was a teacher comp. day i think. it was cool though. i got to sleep in in the mornings which was great! i was really lazy those two days. Wednesday was ok. we have started a thing where we each get to write a short story. i am really exited about it!! i am really far on getting all the info on all of the characters and everyone in the story. i haven't started to write the story yet. i am just writing down everything about all of the people in the story right now. i still have to write down the info for a few more people, the animals, and stuff like that. i have already started planning out in my head what i am thinking about doing for it when i actually starting writing it up. it is sooooo much fun!!!! so far so good. cant wait to see what tomorrow will bring me.

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