Monday, November 29, 2010

this week

this week has been pretty good! english has been pretty good! we had been watching the movie of this one story so that later we can compaire that movie with some of the other story`s that we had read. i really liked the movie!! it was very exiting!

last friday i went to the eastland-fairfield career center field trip. it was soooooooooo much fun!!!!!! i really enjoyed it!! i did cosmetology and criminal justice. i reallly loved doing the criminal justice one!!!!!! it was very hands on and u got to do alot of stuff. I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

this week

This week we have been reading some parts of a book and we have also been watching a movie. we have been watching the movie yesterday and today. the movie is really good! i really like it so far! i cant wait to see the rest of it next week!! i wonder what will happen.

this week has been pretty good! Although Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were kind of hard for me b/c Tuesday is the day that my friends mom died two years ago of an anurism. :((((( i really miss her a lot!!! she was like a second mom to me. i was really close to her!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

this past week

this past week we have been reading the book called the twelve angry men. it is about a trial for a teenage boy who is accused for murdering his father in their apartment. if the boy is found guilty he will have to find the death penalty. the death penalty for him will be the electric chair. I really liked this book. it was very interesting during the whole book. the jurors kept contradicting each other and twisting the facts and assuming things that might have happened based on what they heard in the court room. when the jurors went over the facts they found out that some of the witnesses that had testified had told a false/not true statements that could not have happened. for one piece of the evidence they acted out how long it would have taken for that specific thing to have happened and they found out that what the witness had said was not possible. there were many things that happened during the book with the jurors that i though was very interesting and made me want to keep listening to see what would happen next. i really liked the book over all.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

this week

this week has been pretty good i guess. we did a lot of reading in our book. the book has been pretty good! i actually did like the book. i wasn't sure that i would at the beginning but it got more interesting so i started to get interested. it was very interesting at about half way through to the end. i really liked having the book read out loud during class!! it was easier for me to be able to picture in my head what was happening. it was harder for me when i had to read it on my own. i got distracted a lot when i had to read it on my own. i could not focus on what was going on. when u read it out loud i was able to picture it and follow along. i could also picture what they might look like and how their voices might sound like when they talk. i really enjoyed reading it. right now we are watching the movie for the book. it is very fascinating to me. there are parts in the movie that were not in the book and parts from the book the were not in the movie. over all it was a lot of fun!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

this past week

This past week has been ok. It has also been kind of boring though. I ended up falling asleep constantly one day in class. I did that the whole class period. i had fun picking my topic for our new persuasive topic essays that we are going to be doing this coming week. i was going to do obsessive-compulsive disorder but Mr. Potter said that it would have ended up being more of an informative speech. Where you just tell what it is,symptoms, and other stuff. so i was kind disappointed that i couldn't do that. but oh well. i ended up doing the driving age. it is a very good topic and it has a lot of good info on it so i think that am going to do that topic. i hope that i might be able to get my temps by the 3rd quarter if i am able to keep up my good grades because my parents want to get the good grade discount on it. Ugggg. i wish i could try to get my temps now so that i didn't have to ride my bus!! Well so far so good! i hope English this coming week will be good. ill just have to wait and see.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Today is the best day ever!! i am now officially 16!! YAY!!haha lol