Wednesday, March 23, 2011

this past week

my novel that i had read was called "brink of death". it was a mystery book. i thought that it was a really good book, and i would defenitily recommend it to anyone who likes to read mystery books.

 i know that once i started reading the book i could not put it down because i was always wanting to know what would happen next in the story. i would read the book every chance that i got. i am sure some people might have thouht that i was weird for always wanting to read my book but i dont care, because it was a really good book. it really grabbed my attention during the whole story. i loved it!!

also i had surgery yesterday. i was able to go home after my surgery because they put a block on my leg so i wasnt able to feel my leg at all for a while. it was VERY painful though when i was starting to regain the feeling in my leg and foot!!!!!!!!! it really hurt alot!!!!!!! i wish they had just let me stay the night at the hospital so i wouldnt have had to be in so much pain at home. it was miserable. the pain killers helped me though. i dont know what i would do without them!! they are a life saver!!! who ever invented pain killers is my hero right now!!! not even kidding! lol.

right now i am really wishing that time would go faster because my leg really hurts and i cant have any more pain killers until 9:30. ;(( why does time have to go so slowely whenever you need it to go faster, and whenever you want it to go slower it goes faster. i really dont get it. oh well.

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