Thursday, November 11, 2010

this past week

this past week we have been reading the book called the twelve angry men. it is about a trial for a teenage boy who is accused for murdering his father in their apartment. if the boy is found guilty he will have to find the death penalty. the death penalty for him will be the electric chair. I really liked this book. it was very interesting during the whole book. the jurors kept contradicting each other and twisting the facts and assuming things that might have happened based on what they heard in the court room. when the jurors went over the facts they found out that some of the witnesses that had testified had told a false/not true statements that could not have happened. for one piece of the evidence they acted out how long it would have taken for that specific thing to have happened and they found out that what the witness had said was not possible. there were many things that happened during the book with the jurors that i though was very interesting and made me want to keep listening to see what would happen next. i really liked the book over all.

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  1. I liked this book too i wish the movie was like an early version? haah