Sunday, September 12, 2010

this past week

This past week has been ok. It has also been kind of boring though. I ended up falling asleep constantly one day in class. I did that the whole class period. i had fun picking my topic for our new persuasive topic essays that we are going to be doing this coming week. i was going to do obsessive-compulsive disorder but Mr. Potter said that it would have ended up being more of an informative speech. Where you just tell what it is,symptoms, and other stuff. so i was kind disappointed that i couldn't do that. but oh well. i ended up doing the driving age. it is a very good topic and it has a lot of good info on it so i think that am going to do that topic. i hope that i might be able to get my temps by the 3rd quarter if i am able to keep up my good grades because my parents want to get the good grade discount on it. Ugggg. i wish i could try to get my temps now so that i didn't have to ride my bus!! Well so far so good! i hope English this coming week will be good. ill just have to wait and see.

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