Friday, November 19, 2010

this week

This week we have been reading some parts of a book and we have also been watching a movie. we have been watching the movie yesterday and today. the movie is really good! i really like it so far! i cant wait to see the rest of it next week!! i wonder what will happen.

this week has been pretty good! Although Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were kind of hard for me b/c Tuesday is the day that my friends mom died two years ago of an anurism. :((((( i really miss her a lot!!! she was like a second mom to me. i was really close to her!!!


  1. yeah i really like the movie too and aww kim im sorry that you had to go thru that type of thing. just think of postives and all the good things. once again i am sorry

  2. im glad that u liked the movie also!! its ok. yea we did have alot of good times together! it was fun while it lasted!! thanks!