Friday, October 5, 2012

Section 1- Moshi the Beadle

Moshi The Beadle was a man who had been taken with a group of people to a far away place by train. Him and the other people were starving for days at a time. He watched people dieing day by day. Everyday he saw people getting shot, and killed, and beaten to death by soldiers. He was also beaten by the soldiers. One day managed to slip out of the place without being seen. Amazingly he was still alive. He made it too a town of people that lived a little ways away from where he had been. He told anyone in the town who would listen to him, about all of the pain and suffering that he had endured. He was trying to warn the people that the same thing would end up happening to them, but no one would believe any of the things that he said. The people thought that he was crazy and had lost his mind. Then one day they were all taken from their homes and moved to a place far away from their homes by train.

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